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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Mike Schmitt

Dr. Schmitt is a native of Pittsburgh, PA and was an avid soccer player growing up playing in competitive tournaments year round.  After earning his BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry in 1992 at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Dr. Schmitt earned his Doctor of Chiropractic in 1996 in Atlanta, GA at Life University.  After an internship in Gainesville, FL, Dr. Schmitt opened “from scratch” here in Charlotte and built his practice the most difficult way possible for a chiropractor – referrals from mainstream medical physicians.

“Bridging the gap” between the misunderstood profession of chiropractic (to the medical community) is where Dr. Schmitt excels.  Dr. Schmitt created a seminar teaching fellow chiropractors the art of maximizing outcomes via co-management with medical providers in Charlotte, Greensboro, Atlanta, Orlando – and online with hundreds of chiropractors across the country taking Dr. Schmitt’s course.  Dr. Schmitt has been a guest presenter at the Wingate University Physician Assistant program “The Cost effective efficacious management of Neuro -Musculoskeletal Conditions” and the UNCC Pre-Medical Society on a number of occasions.

Understanding that every referral is literally a “Transfer of Trust”, Dr. Schmitt has received literally over 3,000 referrals from local 50+ MDs, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners since 1997.  Dr. Schmitt has been invited to speak at seminars conducted by some of the best in industry as a result.  Dr. Schmitt is a published author in Chiropractic Economics.

Dr. Schmitt has amassed over 800 hours of continuing education in Chiropractic Orthopedics, Acute care of cervical and lumbar spine injuries, Extremity Adjusting, Disc herniation management, Computerized disc decompression, Engineering based computerized adjusting procedures, Active Release Technique, Rapid Release muscle therapy, Footmaxx 3-D gait analysis and orthotic management, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Atlas Orthogonal Board Certification, Sigma Instrument Methods certification, Activator Methods Certification, , NC Workman’s Compensation certification, the 100 hour Chiropractic Peer Reviewer Certification and Independent Chiropractic Examiner Certification through Texas Chiropractic College.

Dr. Schmitt has a special interest in engineering based treatment protocols that utilize precision based technology to maximize outcomes.  Dr. Schmitt takes pride in the numerous difficult cases he’s turned around that numerous other physicians of all backgrounds were unable to unravel.

When Dr. Schmitt is not in the office, you’ll find him running Stem Cell  Carolina, in the gym, on his bike in the woods, “playing soccer” with the best puppy in the world “Cooper”, with his wife Holly, a cardiology nurse practitioner, chasing around his four “almost grown” kids, or feeding chickens, and horses….and the mini-donkeys that protect the chickens….. Oh…the donkeys… (‘lot of shoveling going on there!)

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