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Local Medical Physicians trust 

Dr. Schmitt! You should too!

I’ve worked closely with Dr. Schmitt for 20+ years, as a patient myself and sending him hundreds of patients. He is excellent at what he does. His excellent patient outcomes across all spectrums of musculoskeletal, headache, and spinal care is exemplary. His experience, commitment, knowledge and ability is a gift. I recommend his care and services without hesitation

Dimitrios Hondros, MD

Novant Health

Crown Point Family Physicians send patients to Dr. Michael J. Schmitt for treatment of various neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. We send difficult cases to Dr. Schmitt knowing that he will co-manage then with other relevant specialists to maximize outcomes if the need arises. This trust enables us to convey confidence to the patient that they will be guided in a cost effective and productive course of care. Many of the patients sent to Dr. Schmitt are very difficult to treat. The have failed self-care, rounds of medication, and other forms of therapy. Dr. Schmitt seems to have a gift for helping my patients recover and ultimately this results in lower medical costs.

Marshall P. McMillan M.D.

Michael has provided exemplary care for the patients I send him. In particular, he has provided significant relief of headache problems utilizing his training as well as his Atlas Orthogonal machine. In particular, I’ve had multiple patients that have been treated by other therapists, physicians, and chiropractors that received benefit from Michael where others have failed. Michael has compassion and caring with my patients. I can’t remember any instances in all the years that I have known him where a patient came back and complained about the care rendered to them by Michael.

John Welshofer, MD

Carolina NeuroSurgery and Spine

Your approach to the management of cervical and lumbar spine disease was well delineated, appropriate, conservative, and cost effective. Your explanation of the benefits of the combination of chiropractic care with orthopedic care, neurosurgical care, and pain management was well detailed and supported by the medical literature you presented. Your complete knowledge of your topic was obvious.

Roy Blank MD

Wingate University Physician Assistant Program Director, Retired Internal Medicine physician, Novant Health

After playing in the NFL for 13 years, my family physician recommended Dr. Schmitt and he’s helped me tremendously. I was walking crooked and was in pain. I am blessed to be a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame but was not enjoying it as I should due to chronic back pain. Now, I don’t need surgery thanks to Dr. Schmitt.

Joe DeLamielleure

I’ve sent hundreds of patients to Michael Schmitt and found him to be an excellent chiropractor. Michael has been very adept in treating my patients for cervical myofascial pain, dorsal, and lumbar myofascial pain, accomplishing this with virtually no pain, and my patients have been very appreciative. Michael is very resourceful and able to treat a wide variety of muscuoskeletal disease, as well as migraine headaches and plantar fasciitis. Michael’s ethics are impeccable and my patients come back with glowing reports of how they have improved and appreciate me sending them to Dr. Schmitt. I have found Michael to be able to treat headaches, chronic cervicogenic type pain better than anyone I’ve ever used. By sending to Michael, I have been able to get a clinical cure on patients that have been to five or six other physicians prior to seeing him.

Marshall P. McMillan MD

I was referred to Dr. Schmitt by Dr. Sumich at Carolina NeuroSurgery and Spine. The doctor there told me he didn’t care for a lot of chiropractors, but that Dr. Schmitt was an exception and he had a lot of confidence in him. Lucky for me… Dr. Schmitt always gets rid of my headaches and makes it easier for me to move and function. I’m ashamed to say that one time I saw a chiropractor in the building I worked in because it was difficult for me to go across town to see Dr. Schmittt, but he did nothing for me. And on top of his amazing healing powers, Dr. Schmitt is very personable and kind. He seems to really care about how his patients feel, and he shows a lot of compassion. I love you Dr. Schmitt!

J Roy

I was referred to Dr. Schmitt by Dr. Hondros. I had accepted the pain before this. I wish I had done this years ago. There is nothing to be afraid of!!! I can now walk for more than 10 miles and have no pain in my back. I go all day walking without pain. This is fantastic!! This has changed my life because I can now play with my grandchildren without having pain and I can sleep well. – Yours faithfully!

J. Branblet

Regular physicians didn’t provide me with a diagnosis and no relief with prescription medications. All they did was send me for a MRI and no plan to fix it. My wife’s doctor sent me to Dr. Schmitt and I needed a cane to walk with my back, hip and leg pain and was 9/10. I am now pain free and walking without a cane.

V. Pressley

My neurosurgeon sent me to Dr. Schmitt. Due to several rear end collisions in the 1980s, I started seeing chiropractors because all the orthopedists ever did was give me pills. After just three weeks with Dr. Schmitt, I’m 90% better and faster than any of the chiropractors I’ve been seeing since the 1980s.’ Unbelievable!! I’m handing out your business cards to all my friends and relatives. Thank you Dr. Schmitt.

K. Mullis

Dr. Collins referred me to Dr. Schmitt for lower back pain. Other chiropractors and stretching didn’t help. There is a professionalism and patient care that exceeds every other chiropractic office I’ve visited through the years. They are results driven and deliver! I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Schmitt to you.

A. Kennedy

Dr. Harvey sent me to Dr. Schmitt for my plantar fasciitis. I tried medication, exercise, insoles, and nothing helped. Dr. Schmitt has reduced my pain from a 10 (unable to walk) to a 2. I suffered for six months with no relief and one month with Dr. Schmitt and I can walk my dog with no problem.

W. Chung

Dr. Hester referred me to Dr. Schmitt for left arm, shoulder, and back pain. I couldn’t take a deep breath without hurting. Treatment with Novant Health Spine and referral for physical therapy for two months with no success. I was worse. Electric Stim and injections with the spine doctor did nothing. I saw a pressure point doctor and had no relief. The first treatment, Dr. Schmitt relocated a rib at T7 back into place. It was like a hundred pounds had been lifted off my back and I could breathe again without hurting. Thank you so much Michael J. Schmitt.

J. Jones

Dr. Welshofer referred me to Dr. Schmitt after trying reflexology, acupuncture, dry-needling, massage, and medication. None had worked to improve my range of motion or discomfort. I was resigned to opting for cortisone injections. I thought I would try Dr. Schmitt as a “last resort”. Well fortunately, the “last resort” has worked. I’m very thankful for the referral and Dr. Schmitt’s work.

D. McGee

My friend Martha referred me to Dr. Schmitt for my back pain. I had 12 spinal injections with no results. The walker was my constant companion. An MRI showed a great deal of back damage as the source of all the pain. Enormous improvement in pain with walking, standing, bending. I now only need a cane.

C. Davis

Dr. McMillan referred me to Dr. Schmitt for my foot pain. Not only are my feet feeling better, but the pain in my right knee and right hip and back has disappeared!

Kevin D.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your “magic” in helping to treat my migraines. I never thought I could have such relief. Thanks again for all your help.

E. Myers

Dr. Collins referred me to Dr. Schmitt for my low back pain with walking. I can now walk without any pain at all. Visiting Dr. Schmitt has been a life altering situation. It’s been great.

P. Krieger

Dr. Chen referred me to Dr. Schmitt. I’m very grateful. Dr. Schmitt has helped to improve my symptoms and I’m now able to live comfortably and work in a pain free manner. I’m certainly glad I listened to my PCP when she recommended Dr. Schmitt.

C. McHugh

Over three decades, I have seen my share of both good and bad chiropractors and doctors and I can tell you that none of them came close to achieving the level of care I receive from Dr. Michael Schmitt. First, I appreciated his honesty telling me that he could not help me within four weeks, he would tell me so. I’ve been amazed by not only his personal acumen (quickness, accuracy and keen judgement), but also by his personable concern for the total well-being of his patients – a lost art in these days. Although I am a surgical spine candidate, neither my neurologist nor orthopedic surgeon recommends it. Their advice is to go back to Dr. Schmitt because “ he has the string to hold you together.” – Thank you so much Dr. Schmitt!

J. Hicks

No more burning in my leg cause of sciatic nerve! I was not ever going to a chiropractor until my friend talked me into seeing Dr. Schmitt. I faced my fear, swallowed my pride and got help with Dr. Schmitt. He didn’t make me come “for the rest of my life.

Beverly G. Boemker

The two-hour drive for treatment is worth it. I am so impressed with Dr. Schmitt and the Atlas procedures, that I travel from Hendersonville, NC for my adjustments and feel the two hour drive is well worth my time to see him. His adjustments give me an immediate response that no other doctor has achieved. Needless to say, Dr. Schmitt is my hero.

Edward L.G.

Thank you Dr. McMIllan for making my last years brighter by referring me to Dr. Schmitt. Even my teeth line up better when I close my mouth! I could see improvements after each visit to him. I could hardly wait to go in for my next adjustment. I wanted to pinch myself to make sure that this improvement wasn’t just a dream. I felt so much better! Now, I’m able to sleep better at night, the numbness in my right hand improved considerably.

F. "Mae" L.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’. Upon my initial visit, you took x-rays of my head and neck. You noticed a buildup in my carotid arteries and suggested I mention this to my PCP. Dr. Conrad scheduled a nuclear stress test and a carotid ultrasound. I had a stunning blockage of my carotid artery. We were both shocked as I have no family history, low cholesterol, and normal blood pressure. Dr. Conrad said that had you not found this, I could have suffered a stroke with no one suspecting that I had any trouble…and that I owe all the thanks to you! I am so thankful the good Lord led me to your office… you have indeed been a blessing in my life.

Penny S.

This is the most effective treatment for anyone who suffers with pain. You do not have to take pain medications and suffer from all the side effects. Please see Dr. Schmitt. The (large Charlotte area pain clinic) prescribed hydrocodone and Oxycodone but I couldn’t function. The other narcotics from my family physician and other chiropractors were of no help. Being a RN in the medical field for over fifteen years, I have seen many treatments fail, but from personal experience with positive results, Dr. Schmitt is definitely medically tested, patient APPROVED!

John Dierks

I am a registered radiologic technologist and suffer from chronic migraines without aura and cervicogenic migraines. These migraines are debilitating. Plans are constantly cancelled and my life revolves around my migraines. My neurologist referred me to Dr. Schmitt and he is the reason I can function and alleviate the migraines. He is one of the most compassionate people I have met. There isn’t a more dedicated man in healthcare. He is honest and very knowledgeable. Dr. Schmitt has done more to help with my migraine management than any other physician. I honestly don’t know what I would do without his care.

Lisa T.

After seeing two orthopedic doctors who could not agree on a diagnosis, getting cortisone shots, weekly sessions of deep tissue massage, and physical therapy for eight weeks, the pain in my shoulder was such that I had lost at least 75% of my range of motion, could not sleep, and couldn’t play tennis. Total recovery with Dr. Schmitt took four weeks, and now I’m enjoying almost total range of motion and am again playing tennis. I’m a firm believer that if Dr. Schmitt says he can help you–he can!

Brenda C.

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